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Illumina BeadChip

Illumina ConnectinfoQuant solutions, oneClickCGH, CGH Fusion and cnTrack, benefit from close integration with Illumina's GenomeStudio package via a plug-in module (download here). The bridge allows infoQuant users to easily import data from the following chips:

  • CytoSNP Arrays
  • HumanOmni range

Illumina users can utilize our fully automated alteration analysis workflow to interpret data at SNP level without any loss of resolution. Straight-to-the-point, yet fully interactive data visualization of both LogR and allele frequency data and our intelligently built reporting tools ensure simplicity and reliability of Copy Number and LOH reports.

Highly interactive plots of CGH Fusion are enriched with various types of information from gene and region annotations to custom-built Copy Number tracks. All that information is visualized in a user-friendly manner in order to make Copy Number detection and reporting effective and simple.

Larger laboratories can benefit from infoQuant's data management solution cnTrack. cnTrack can be used to streamline array data operations in a multi-user environment. By integration with infoQuant's Copy Number analytics suite and incorporation of various types of patient information into SNP array workflow cnTrack establishes itself as an end-to-end software solution for a high-throughput Cytogenetic laboratory.