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Welcome to infoQuant's free-access chromosome analysis project Genomius. This web-based system is designed to facilitate simple DNA Copy Number and LOH analysis including cross-sample analytics. You can access Genomius using any browser, upload a set of anomaly region reports for a project and start browsing and analyzing your data in minutes. Moreover, Genomius was designed with both Cytogenetics professionals and Cancer specialists in mind, so clinicians and researchers from both fields will find this free system useful for their daily work.


Unprecedented ease of access and use

Genomius delivers wide spectrum of genome annotations and Copy Number/LOH analysis tools via Internet browser right to your computer or tablet. Every page of the system is designed to be easy to comprehend and straight to the point so that you can get to the end result of your analysis faster. In Genomius it is possible to find and characterize common chromosomal anomalies across multiple samples in just a few simple clicks.

Compatibility across all platforms

Genomius is truly platform agnostic: it accepts most report formats generated by commercial array platforms and can be used on any machine that has an Internet browser. Users can analyze genomic region/variant files generated by PerkinElmer, Agilent, Affymetrix, Roche-Nimblegen, Illumina, BlueGnome or OGT arrays or by any array data analysis software. We are also working on making sequencing data import available in Genomius for ultimate compatibility across technologies.

Built-in data management

Being database centric, Genomius offers data management and project management capabilities essential for high-volume array users. Within Genomius it is possible not only to create, annotate and visualize complex multi-sample datasets, but also to perform comparative analysis across datasets and even to share your data with other users with a simple click. Built-in query functionality makes it easy to find cases with a specific chromosomal anomaly across different datasets.

Highly interactive publication-grade plot

Genomius was built to help you navigate across samples without being lost in your data. Particular cases are always easy to find and your sample and region annotations are right at your fingertips. Genomius allows you to visually compare Copy Number and LOH profiles between samples with reference to publicly available CNV tracks, gene tracks and your own customizable Copy Number tracks or frequency profiles. All that information is arranged on an intuitive plot central to Genomius system and provides the most effective path for analysis and interpretation of your results.

Power of collaboration between users

Genomius was engineered to promote collaborative work between groups employing array and NGS technologies for genetic structural variation research and diagnostics. Ease of such collaboration was one of our main goals when we developed Genomius. Users can start sharing their data, plots and notes with their colleagues in an effortless manner once they sign up for an account and upload their first batch of data.


Compare Multiple Frequency Profiles

Compare Multiple Frequency Profiles


Integrated public annotation tracks

Integrated public annotation tracks


Build dynamic tracks from custom queries

Interacting with report


Detailed sample management

Detailed sample management


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Free Access and Online Demonstrations

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