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Analytical Services in DNA Copy Number Analysis

infoQuant staff has been helping clinical and research institutions world-wide in building their in-house state-of-the-art bioinformatics systems over the past several years. We have accumulated a wide spectrum of expertise in such critical areas of biology-oriented informatics as database architecture, microarray image/data analysis, advanced robust statistics, aCGH/SNP reporting and report management. We are always happy to hear what kind of challenges our customers are facing and to provide our expertise in building custom solutions to help our customers move to the next level of their operations or their research.

Our analytical services mainly concentrate around array-based DNA Copy Number and LOH analytics. infoQuant has been successfully providing bioinformatic support in this field for institutions specializing in:

  • Molecular diagnostics,
  • Cancer research,
  • Stem cell research.

Our services span a wide spectrum of bioinformatics aspects from basic analysis of aCGH/SNP data to advanced interpretation of very large datasets. Our team of experts can work together with our clients on customizing the methodology of data analytics and tailoring the format of reported results. 

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