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Various BAC platforms

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of BAC arrays in some areas of Cytogenetics. That’s why our solutions provide simple, but effective workflow for analysis of BAC array data. Both oneClickCGH and CGH Fusion support such widely used platforms as:

  • Constitutional and Spectral Chips from PerkinElmer
  • CombiMatrix arrays
  • Cytochip by BlueGnome
  • Custom BAC arrays

BAC-specific features of our software packages include:

  • Data import module compliant with GenePix and BlueFuse formats
  • Intelligent TIF image inspection and correction for individual spots 
  • Support of dye-swap experiments via cross-array replicate filtering and averaging
  • Data normalization method correcting for pin-wise variation
  • Automated aberration detection suitable for analysis of single-clone copy number changes as well as extended anomalies
  • Comprehensive, yet simple report format listing affected clones among other types of useful data

oneClickCGH is an end-to-end Cytogenetics solution that allows diagnosticians to capitalize on the simplicity of BAC array data and make a quick, but effective inference about the clinical relevance of detected copy number changes. State-of-the-art visualizations provide intuitive access to Gene Ontology terms, disorder associations and genome-wide CNV frequency data for suspected areas of copy number change.

CGH Fusion provides a very effective batch-processing capability and facilitates construction of in-house gain/loss frequency profiles across hundreds or thousands of samples united by a specific biological condition.

Larger laboratories can benefit from infoQuant’s data management solution cnTrack. cnTrack can be used to streamline array data operations in a multi-user environment. By integration with infoQuant’s Copy Number analytics suite and incorporation of various types of patient information into aCGH workflow cnTrack establishes itself as an end-to-end software solution for a high-throughput Cytogenetic laboratory.