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Agilent aCGH arrays

AgilentinfoQuant solutions, oneClickCGH, CGH Fusion and cnTrack, are closely integrated with Agilent data format. Agilent users can easily import Feature Extraction output for copy number analysis of raw or normalized data. The following Agilent arrays are supported:

  • CGH+SNP Arrays
  • SurePrint G3 Human 1x1M
  • SurePrint G3 Human 2x400K
  • SurePrint G3 Human 4x180K
  • SurePrint G3 Human 8x60K
  • Human Genome 244K
  • Human Genome 105K
  • Human Genome 44K

Cytogeneticists using Agilent platform can benefit from ISCN-compliant reporting module built into infoQuant software. oneClickCGH can be used to obtain full cytogenetic overview of a particular case at hands within minutes utilizing benefits of ultra-high resolution of Agilent arrays. CGH Fusion on the other hand allows its users to compare results across samples and facilitates comparison of Agilent data with data generated by other array platforms, if necessary.

Agilent users can benefit from CGH Fusion's automated batch-mode detection of chromosomal anomalies across hundreds or thousands of samples. Our software also facilitates analysis of very large sets of samples for common copy number patterns. The memory- and CPU-efficient data analysis pipeline of CGH Fusion ensures that high resolution datasets can be quickly processed on an average PC.

Fully automated aberration detection utilizing a robust modification of the CBS method makes Cytogenetic application of high-resolution Agilent arrays a straight-forward task. Alternatively, Agilent-generated copy number calls can be imported with the data.

Integrated image inspection and accurate probe-level information easily accessible in the ratio plot ensures high precision of copy number interpretation in oneClickCGH or CGH Fusion. The versatile format of  Cytogenetic reports provides our users with various types of relevant information on reported aberrations: probe IDs, CNVs, gene annotations etc.

Highly interactive plots of both of our Copy Number software packages oneClickCGH and CGH Fusion are enriched with various types of information from Gene Ontology annotations and genome-wide HapMap CNV frequency data to custom-built Copy Number tracks. All that information is visualized in a user-friendly manner in order to make Copy Number detection and reporting effective and simple.

Larger laboratories can benefit from infoQuant’s data management solution cnTrack. cnTrack can be used to streamline array data operations in a multi-user environment. By integration with infoQuant’s Copy Number analytics suite and incorporation of various types of patient information into aCGH workflow cnTrack establishes itself as an end-to-end software solution for a high-throughput Cytogenetic laboratory.